Learning Activity: Antarctic Foodweb

Understand how everything is connected by exploring the interactive placemarks which ask questions and jump to different placemarks based on your answer.  Download the .kmz file and open it to begin exploring the connected world in the Antarctic.  From the Royal Geographic Society resource Discovering Antarctica.  The Antarctic Foodweb .kmz file can be accessed from the website or downloaded from here: Antarctic Foodweb.kmz

Learning Activity: Extreme Science Ice Survy

Extreme Ice Survey The Extreme Ice Survey uses time-lapse photography and video to document the rapid changes now occurring on the the Earth's glacial ice. The EIS team has installed time-lapse cameras at 15 locations in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and the Rocky Mountains. Through this KML you can visit the locations of our cameras get a through-the-lens view of the glaciers the cameras are watching. Extreme Ice Survey .kml

Learning Activity: Networked Linked Sites - Earthquakes

Network Linked Sites are dynamic – refreshing in real time.  To better use bandwidth, set the refresh to Never if you see that option.  Anything you can put in a KML file can be in a network link. This network link automatically updates (or refreshes) every 5 minutes.
Show students the "ring of fire" - the path earthquakes follow around the globe by using the latest earthquake activity from the
USGS Earthquake Monitoring - This network link automatically shows you the most current seismic activity - and summarizes activity during the last week with greater than magnitude 1.0. This network link includes placemarks, lines, and a legend.  Turn on the Plate Boundaries layers and have the students explain why users say that some day the coast of California may slip into the ocean.

Other dynamic network linked sites to explore:
USGS Strewamgage Watch.kmz
JFK Airport Traffic Monitoring.kmz
North America
Pollution by Commission for Environmental Cooperation.kmz

Additional Resources

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Creating Google Earth Science Units - Complete website to creating science lessons in GE, step-by-step guides

Michigan Content Expectations for Science
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