Google Earth 5.0 - What's New
Google Earth Navigation
Google Earth Basics

Google Earth 5.0 - What's New?

Google Earth 5.0 provides many new features.  These features include:
- View historical changes over time
- Ocean floor layer with 3D models with shipwrecks
- Mars landscape added to the Sky and Earth mode
- Ability to record tours with audio narriation

How to use Google Earth 5.0 (4 page .pdf)

Google Earth User's Guide - this well organized online guide from Google will teach you how to do everything with Google Earth.

Google Earth Navigation

This YouTube video says it's for Google Earth 4.3, however, the navigation controls are similar for Google Earth 5.0. 

Under Places - Open Sightseeing and double click on world famous sites such as the
Grand Canyon, US or Eiffel Tower, France.  The experience will be more like real life by checking the option in Layers for Terrain (for the Grand Canyon) and 3D Buildings (EiffelTower.)  When viewing one of these locations, try using the navigation tools and mouse controls to zoom in and out, change your viewing angle, and adjust your perspective by tilting the Earth.  If the connect is robust, try turning on some of the other features in Gallery such as photos or National Geographic Magazine. For a truly busy map, turn on the Google Earth Community information links.  Try visiting Chicago and seeing all the links.  Turning these "extras" off will make everyones' connection faster - important in a lab or training setting.

Google Earth Basics

Below is an easy to follow slide presentation on the basic of using Google Earth 5.0.  It includes links to some of the best sites for supporting educators.  This Slideshare presentation can be downloaded. 

The Utah Educational Network created an 8 page .pdf on Google Earth Basics with screenshots and lesson ideas. 
To download
click here.