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- Google Earth 5.0 What's New, Google Earth Navigation Tips & Google Earth Basics (Opens a new Weebly page)

- Introduction to Google Earth

- Purpose of this site...

- 5 Cool, Easy Things You Can Do in Google Earth

- Learning Activity: Six Question Introductory Scavenger Hunt

- Learning Activity: Create Your Own Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

- Integration Ideas (opens a new Weebly page)

Lang Arts

- Google Lit Trips

- Learning Activity: Download and Travel Along a Google Lit Trip

- Learning Activity: Create Your Own Google Lit Trip

- Poetry with Google Earth (opens a new Weebly page)

- Additional Resources
   Michigan Content Expectations for Language Arts


- Measurement Tools
   Ruler Tool

- Learning Activity: Differences Jet Pack vs. Driving

- Learning Activity: Calculate the Area of a Polygon

- Learning Activity: Estimation

- Real World Math: Using Google Earth in the Math Curriculum

- Additional Resources
   Curriculum Connections
   Michigan Content Expectations for Math

Social Studies

- Learning Activity: Circumnavigation of Sir Francis Drake

- Learning Activity: Create a Flyover of Sir Francis Drak's Voyage

- Other Lesson Plans from the Active History Site

- Learning Activity: What Do Maps Tell Us? 

- Learning Activity: Solar Job Growth

- Additional Resources
   Michigan Content Expectations for Social Studies


- Learning Activity: Antarctic Foodweb

- Learning Activity: Extreme Science Ice Survy

- Learning Activity: Networked Linked Sites - Earthquakes

- Additional Resources
Google Earth Outreach Examples
   Creating Google Earth Science Units
   Michigan Content Expections for Science


- Learning Activity: Fly to an Address

- Learing Activity: Add a Placemark

- Learning Activity: Snapshot View

- Learning Activity: Add an Image

- Learing Activity: Add a Hyperlink

- Learning Activity: Embed a YouTube Video

- Learning Activity: Save your Placemarks

- Fun Activity: Explore Monster Milk Truck with Google Earth Plugin for Browser

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